"It brings me such joy to see that my prayers have been answered in spite of so many years worrying about how I was going to afford these repairs, but Rebuilding Together and their partners came out to help me and people like me- and for that, I am grateful."

- Candida Luna, Florida City homeowner, NRD 2016

"From the bottom of or hearts... We want to thank each and every volunteer that came out today to make this possible! Words cannot express our gratitude to all you! Thank you to Sears. Thank you to Rebuilding Together and Thank You to Heroes at Home! We the Segal Family are truly humbled by your generosity!"

- Robin Segal, daughter of US Army veteran homeowner

"Rebuilding Together Miami was on hand to show everyone in the neighborhood what it means to assist people in need. I will always be eternally grateful to everyone who was instrumental in making our life a little more peaceful and secure. We love you all!"

- Rose Coley, homeowner

"I never have experienced anything like this personally. To watch it on TV and then to experience it, I am speechless. It drives me to do more for other people. I am just extremely appreciative for everything Rebuilding Together has done for me."

- Terrence Williams, US Army veteran, homeowner

"This is very amazing work; it is surprising and awe-inspiring."

- Horace Coley, US Navy veteran, homeowner

"I feel great to be here serving another veteran in need and privileged to work for a company that is attuned to those needs."

- Daniel Gattuso, Team Depot volunteer and US Marine Corps veteran

"I am really happy to see work being done here. It’s a blessing to see people actually care about someone they do not know, someone beyond family."

- Gaspard Paul, Homeowner

"I really see all the love for the work in everything Rebuilding Together and their partners have done. I am truly appreciative and I couldn’t ask for more."

- Ms. Mingo, Homeowner

"I'm so thankful for Rebuilding Together and the volunteer group. Words can't describe how happy I am. Thank you so much!"

- Mrs. Dickens Stanley

"I want to thank the volunteers for coming out to help paint my home. They did a great job."

- Mr. Harrell

"I can’t find enough words to describe how happy I am for the work that you guys have done for me and my family. I thank God for all the volunteers and the people that helped."

- Dorothy Perry, Homeowner

"Thank you to the volunteers for coming out to paint my house today. I am very appreciative for getting chosen as one of the recipients to have work done to my house. Thank you NBC Universal and Rebuilding Together."

- Lillie Johnson, Homeowner

"I'm very happy with all the work that's getting done. Thank you to everyone who came together to help paint my home."

- Billy Cowins, Homeowner

"I sure appreciate all the work you guys are doing. I've been in this home for a long time and it feel great to have a team come out and help. I'm very happy with all the work that's getting done. Thank you to everyone who came together to help me repair my home."

- Vergaree Brown, Homeowner

"I'm so grateful for what they are doing. The volunteers are absolutely wonderful and I want to thank everyone for helping. I love the new color."

- Cassie Hughes, Homeowner

"A million thank you's couldn't express my joy. I love it. Thank god for these people that came out and fixed my home."

- Ms. Level

"Please accept my sincere gratitude for honoring me with repairs to my home during Veterans Day celebrations. It was truly the highlight of my life. Your generosity has let me and others in the community know how much you care about veterans, who often times are forgotten."

- Mr. Franklin

"I think this absolutely wonderful. We are so grateful to the Coast Guards, Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade and the Miami Heat. The volunteers are amazing and we want to thank everyone for helping."

- Juanita Franklin, homeowner daughter

"I am so grateful for what everyone is doing. I am overwhelmed. My emotions are boiling over. It's a great day to be a vet. Thank you Rebuilding Together Miami, Miami Heat and everyone who came together to help me."

- Matthew James, Homeowner

"It's just amazing the amount of time and money that you guys use to repair my home. Thank you for helping me. I am so grateful for everything Rebuilding together, Bank of America and the Miami Dolphin have done."

- Mr. Brown

"I've cried and cried for days. I am so happy for all your help."

- Mrs. Powel

"The fellas are doing a fantastic job and everything is looking beautiful."

- Mrs. Finch

"This is one of the most wonderful thing that happened to me. It's just amazing. I wasn't expecting all of this. Thank you, thank you thank you."

- Roy Finch, Homeowner

"What can I say! I want to thank Rebuilding Together for helping my sisters and my daughter. Thank you for turning our house back into a home."

- Lakesha Cox, Homeowner

"I cant tell you how much this means to me. I feel very blessed. I just want to say thank you."

- Willie Dempsey, Homeowner

"I'm very happy with the work because if it wasn't for you guys, these modifications would not get done. I appreciate everything you guys are doing. All I can say is 'thank you'."

- Alice Screen

"This is god sent. You came to my rescue. I can't express my gratitude. I can't tell you how much this means to me. This repair will make my life much easier."

- Charles Smith, Homeowner

"This means a lot to me. We really appreciate everything that was done in the interiors and the exterior of the house. It was an amazing work and I'm really happy for my mom. My kids have breathing problem and I've seen in change since my carpet was removed. I feel like RTMD have saved my kids' lives."

- Monique (Daughter of homeowner)

"It's truly a God-sent blessing for them to give up their time and their resources so I'm just overwhelmed with thankfulness... All I can say is thank you."

- Margie Collins, Homeowner

"This is the first time I have ever been in love with a bathroom."

- Doris Jackson, Homeowner

"This whole experience has been overwhelming! It has been great, fun and exciting! All of these people coming together to make this happen; we are very grateful as a family."

- Rosie Butts, Homeowner

"You have no idea what it feels like having all of these smiling faces helping me. It has renewed my faith in human nature."

- Sam Patterson, WWII Army Veteran

"On behalf of the Miami-Dade Home Based Primary Care team of the Miami VA Medical Center, I would like to thank your agency for all that you have done for two of our Veterans. You have truly done excellent work and both veterans and their families are appreciative of all the repairs."

- Janice Monestine

"I like to do a volunteer day when I have a day off from work. It is restorative and rewarding. I enjoy the physical day of service."

- Megan Allore, City Year Alumni

"Thank you for taking the time to engage students on the social issues within the Miami Community. We hope to work with you again in the future."

- University of Miami Student, October 12, 2013

"Painting has always been a passion of mine, therefore it feels great to put my passion into the community by helping to improve it."

- Nick Kaleel, UM Freshman, August 31, 2013

"I receive so much from the people around me, therefore it means a great deal to me to be able to give back to a community that I cherish."

- Allie Rosenberg, UM Sophomore, August 31, 2013

"What touched me most were the unexpected gestures, like getting a new bed. I used to have a lot of back pain, but now I can get a good night's sleep and rest."

- Charlie Stubbs, Vietnam Veteran, August 1, 2013

"This is a thank you letter to Mr. James McCants, for your assistance and the Rebuilding Together Organization along with the 25 plus church volunteers, that took there precious time out and came together and painted my house, fence and some interior painting as well, and the landscaping that gave my house a better and improved look to the neighbor, and preventing any code enforcement violations against me. I thank you for your help and the wonderful job you all did for me, because of my unable to do so. You guys are a blessing from the sky, and I understand that you didn't have to do it, but you did."

- Mr. Frederick Lester, Homeowner, July 20, 2013

"It is amazing to see all of these folks here. I admired the Coast Guard when I was young because I wanted to join the US Coast Guard when I was a kid. I thank everyone very much. The Lord is giving things back to me."

- Mr. William Johnson, Veteran homeowner who served in Korean and Vietnam, Heroes at Home (Craftsman Tour Truck Event), June 28, 2013

"Things like this you see on TV and never think it could happen to you. My Dad always gave back so this is heartwarming to see him receive."

- William Johnson, Jr. (son of Mr. Johnson) Heroes at Home (Craftsman Tour Truck Event), June 28, 2013

"It has been an awesome three weeks working with Rebuilding Together Miami. I have definitely learned a lot of new skills. It was also really cool to meet awesome people with great stories."

- Lauren Schmidt, AmeriCorps NCCC Team Member

"It's always nice to serve those who have served"

- Drew Kendall, US Coast Guard Miami

"Working with Rebuilding Together Miami has been a wonderful experience not just for myself, but for our team."

- Daulton Leonard, AmeriCorps NCCC Team Member

"I've only lived here for a few months and am trying to get involved in the community. It has been an honor to do service and help people."

- David O'Brien, US Coast Guard Miami

"To Rebuilding Together Miami members and staff. I really appreciate all of the hard work that was put into the improvements of my home. I will always be grateful to Carlos Casal and my House Captain Alvaro Minoso from OHL/Arellano, as well as James McCants. May God forever bless you and the volunteers."

- Elvera Crittendon, NRD 2013 Homeowner

University Crew Team Spends Spring Break Volunteering with Rebuilding Together
By: Stephanie Carvajal, Capacity Corps Member, Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade

The University of Scranton Women's Crew Team, a group of 17 energetic and hard working women, packed into two fifteen passenger vans and made the 25 hour drive from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Miami, Florida to spend their Spring Break volunteering with the Miami-Dade affiliate of Rebuilding Together. The team spent four days helping the Rebuilding Together Miami staff rehab two homes in the South Miami area. Both homes had interior renovations completed prior to the team's arrival and were in need of exterior painting. The group did an excellent job on both homes with both family members and neighbors expressing how unrecognizable the homes looked.

"Having the opportunity to work with Rebuilding Together has been a truly remarkable and heartwarming experience. The hard work we put in pays off when we see how grateful the people we help are and to be able to help others is wonderful. I wouldn't have wanted to spend Spring Break any other way. This has been an amazing opportunity that has helped us grow as a team and has helped me grow as a person."

- Jessica Peterson, Class of 2016.

"We have always been passionate about volunteering and serving our community, and feel proud to work for a company that supports and encourages volunteerism. Bank of America believes that volunteering can strengthen the economic and social health of our communities, and provides a powerful opportunity to create positive change in the lives of the communities that we serve. And today was a great honor that allowed us all to give a special gift to a returning veteran who has given much through her military service. The collaborative efforts of our Bank of America team, Rebuilding Together Miami, and the Sear Corporation was a welcome improvement and provided great joy to Veteran Heisser, her father James Smith, their family and neighbors!"

- Katrina Wright, Bank of America team leader, November 29, 2012

"I appreciate what all of the volunteers have done today. Thank you for doing the things that I can't do myself."

- James Smith, Homeowner, November 29, 2012

"I wanted to be involved in this project because I like helping out others."

- Ahmad Abu-Shaaban, Freshman, UM Business School, September 8, 2012

"I like the feeling of helping other people. I have done other service projects, but I like this one because you are helping a person, someone in need, it is tangible."

- Christine Baez, Freshman, UM Business School, September 8, 2012

"I think it's cool that we are able to give back to someone that is so close to our campus."

- Abraham Hammer, Freshman, UM Business School, September 8, 2012

"It's a new day for me and my family."

- Elvin Thompson, veteran and homeowner, recipient of the Celebration of Service, September 6, 2012

"[John Bethel] is also a Navy Veteran, and I shook his hand."

- Mike Aldrich, a 73 year old Home Depot employee volunteered for the Celebration of Service because he too was in the service. Mr. Aldrich is a Navy veteran who served in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, September 6, 2012

"Our appreciation and gratitude also extends to MCM, The Greatest [all-time best] contractors and workers anyone could ever have or hire. They came in and worked tirelessly as though they were being paid top dollar. We Thank You Beyond Verbal Expressions. Words cannot convey the content of what our heart really feels. To Kurt and Jerry of MCM, the plumbers [AURORA u r awesome], the roofers [DeckTight], the electricians, the carpenters and laborers, the exterminators [Al-Flex], everyone! Let's not forget the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints and all of their volunteers, as well as family and friends who pitched in and got the job done! Thank You All For Everything!!!"

- Janet McIntosh, niece of Bessie G. Adside, NRD Homeowner

"Thank you very much for getting up so early on a Saturday morning to paint my house. I have been waiting a long time and I thank God and you for this day. I am so happy!"

- Sandra Tucker, Homeowner, March 31, 2012

"I volunteered throughout my university days. I am always looking for volunteer opportunities which is why I am here today working on Mrs. Tucker's house. There are good volunteer opportunities with Bank of America as they have a culture of giving back to the community."

- Raihan Uddin, Bank of America Sunny Isles, March 31, 2012

"I like helping people in need and helping the community."

- Nathali Arias, Bank of America Sunnyland, March 31, 2012

"I always watched extreme makeover home edition and wanted to do that, I wanted to come together as a community and rebuild a house," and alternative spring break was her opportunity to get out and do it."

- Johanna Lopez, UM Senior, February 18, 2012

"I did not have any experience with hands-on manual labor, so I thought it seemed like it would be a good experience helping out and a good way to gain a necessary skill."

- Pilar Castaneda, UM Junior, February 18, 2012

"I can't believe it, it's a whole new house"

- Mary Henderson, Homeowner, February 18, 2012

"I am writing to thank you and your organization for your generosity and efforts in repairing my home. In today's times there are few people who would care for others as you have done. It is a great comfort to have the house painted, septic tank replaced and yard work landscaped. The efforts of you and your organization are greatly needed by our society to help those who cannot afford to help themselves. I assure you of my continued prayers for you and this organization to continue your good work."

- Michael Masters, January 18, 2012

"It's nice to help others in need. I appreciate helping less fortunate people and spending family time teaching my children to help...giving thanks for what they have and teaching them to be helpful to others in need... teaching them true value."

- Yessel Santana (wife of UPS employee)

"I painted a wall and supervised my dad. I had fun doing it I feel it's important to give back to the community and everybody should help."

- Amanda Henize, Age 16, daughter of UPS employee, Coral Reef H.S. student

"I want to personally thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to work with you all. You were an amazing host site and provided us with strong, direct service as well as an education that changed the way we look at service work. I am very grateful to have worked with you and I hope we can continue this partnership."

- UM Student Volunteer August 27, 2011 work day

"Greetings, I was an applicant of your project that was held on May 7, 2011 in Naranja. You made my house into a home and I am very pleased to say that it was a great job. In doing this great job, I want to thank the staff of Rebuilding Together. Special thanks to Mr. Bob Miller and Mr. Gregory of the First Florida Building Corp and Mr. James McCants also for your effort that goes beyond the cause of Rebuilding. Words cannot express the gratitude. I pray and hope whatever it takes that you will continue to help in the communities. You are doing great work and please don't stop."

- Diane Richardson - Homeowner

"On behalf of the University of Miami's Butler Center for Service and Leadership, I would like to say that working with Donna Fales and Rebuilding Together has been nothing but a pleasure. They have assisted with many of our University's service days this year including Orientation Outreach and the United School of Business Service Day. The volunteers that worked with Rebuilding Together have returned from their sites with rewarding experiences. I look forward to continuing this partnership with Rebuilding Together, as this is a great organization doing wonderful things for the Miami Community."

- Natalie Fontela, Student Placement Assistant

"Having an organization like Rebuilding Together Miami-Dade means the world to me. Before their help, my house was in shambles. My kids were cutting themselves on broken tile in my floor and I had holes in my walls. I had been in and out of the hospital because of my disability and was unable to find the resources to fix my home. I prayed for help and when it came, it was such a blessing for me any my family. It is such an awesome program and I will forever be grateful for the help and support I have received."

- Angela Butler

"I am completely overwhelmed by all the volunteers here today and thank you to each of you for everything you have done."

- Joyeria Willis

"Thanks to all who really blessed my mother with the things that are being done around her house. Thanks to the workers that didn't think the house was too worn down to repair it. She was afraid to leave the house for years because she was afraid of falling. Now she has the support of the railing and ramp. God Bless you all."

- Mrs. Laverne Fisher's daughter

"Thank you for everything. This program is truly a blessing for the senior citizens. I've been a resident of this community for over 50 years. The assistance and service that your agency has provided are immeasurable. Many of the needed repairs would not have been possible without your help. Keep up the good work."

- Mrs. Minnie Cooper

"Thank you for allowing Gillette Construction the privilege to take part in National Rebuild Day. The small amount of tasks that we completed that day were nothing compared to the thanks and compassion that each and everyone of us received from Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown touched the lives of myself, my co-workers, my team members as well as my friends. If the world were filled with more people like the group that came together on Saturday; to act as one and help those that need just a small amount of kindness and care; what an incredible place and time we would have. We look forward to being there arm and arm with everyone again next year."

- Sandy Domando, Gillette Construction

"Approximately one year ago, we stood in the living room amongst all of the chaos that Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina graced upon us, thinking to myself, “Lord what will thou have us to do”. As a result of the hurricanes, Miami-Dade County issued a citation indicating the house was deemed unsafe due to the deteriorating roof and carport. Rebuilding Together Miami stepped in and worked wonders. We were provided with necessities and amenities: a brand new kitchen including new appliances; a refurbished terrazzo floor; updated electrical system; closets renovated; new storm impact windows throughout the entire house; interior and exterior of the house painted; a new driveway; a new sprinkler system not to mention a new roof and carport. On behalf of the entire Walker Family, we say thank you to all who made this wonderful venture possible. "

- Mrs. Thelma Walker's daughter