Special Project with Pointe Group - 01/30/15

Front View

Group Photo

Cristina Mas

Jack Holly painting

Margaret Nee of Pointe Group

New installed grab bars

New installed toilet for Alma Russell

Pointe Group painter

Pointe Group painter

Liberty City Renovation Project - 01/24/15

Front Room (before)

Front Room (after)

Kitchen (before)

Kitchen (After)

Level house (before)

Level House (after)

Jakries Level using the new ramp

Laura and Eric

Level sponsor sign

Ms. Level watching furniture arrive

New furniture for Level House

New landscaping

Rooms-to-Go furniture arrives

Senator Dwight Bullard, Bob Miller and Travis Renvill

Jacara Jakrie and Alexis watch furniture arrive

4 year old Rashad and Tazares

Aaron McKinney, James McCants, Alex Galvez, Jose Diaz, Jakries and- Jacara Level

Alex Galvez, James McCants, Rep Jose Diaz

Alexis Level, Satarria Vangters, Veronica and Jaristi Level

Carlos Casal and James McCants

Chris landscaping

Diaz and McKinny painting

House Captain Greg Van Haute and Travis Renville

Rep Diaz and McKinny

Veterans Day Renovation Project - 11/11/14

Group photo Matthew James

Group photo Willie Franklin

Coast guard volunteer scrapping the-wall

Heat and Coast Guard volunteers installing wood floors

Miami Heat volunteer

Pat Riley and Heat Volunteers

Pat Riley, Travis and US Coast Guard volunteer

Admiral Korn and Pat Riley

Alonzo Morning, Robert_Phipps and Alanecka Phipps

Burnie the Miami Heat Mascot

Coast Guard Volunteer

Homeowner Matthew James and Alonso Mourning

Miami Heat volunteer painting

Robert Phipps and daughter Alanecka

US Coast Guard volunteer

Miami Dolphins & Bank of America Veteran Project - 11/03/14

Stephanie Hickey, Nate Garner, Verna Powell and Twan Russell

Mrs. Powell and Miami Dolphin Volunteers

Mrs. Powell with Nate Garner and his wife

Salute To Service Team and Mrs. Powell

Active military volunteers alongside Mr. Brown and Miami Dolphins G. Nate Garner

Bank of America Volunteers and Homeowner Gary Brown

Bank of America Volunteers with Nate Garner

Salute To Service

Rio and Nate Garner Coaches Across America volunteer

Rio painting

Stephanie Hickey with Mayor Oliver Gilbert

Travis, Gary Brown and Mayor Oliver Gilbert

Coast Guard Fall CCTI - 10/22/14

Home Depot-Finch - 10/17/14

Camden Operation Freedom - 09/30/14

Home Depot Special Project - 09/25/14

Wells Fargo Special Project - 09/20/14

Paint the Town Blue - 09/19/14

UPS-French - 09/06/14

9th Annual Rebuilding Together Dolphin Invitational Fishing Tournament Spring - 06/07/2014

Sears' Heroes at Home Spring 2014 - 06/07/2014

National Rebuilding Day Recognition Reception - 06/04/14

National Rebuilding Day - 04/26/2014

University of Florida, Florida Alternative Break Service Trip
03/02 - 03/04/2014


UF Santana House

UF Santana House

Eagle Scout Service Project - 03/01/2014

Ivey Boy Scouts

Ivey Boy Scouts

Ivey Boy Scouts

University of Miami Medical School Service Project - 02/22/14

Plumbers Union Local No. 519 Service Day 2/15/2014


Master bathroom before

Demolition of master bathroom

Second bathroom before

Second bathroom after

Water heater before

New water heater

FIU's MLK Day of Service 1/18/2014

Sears Heroes at Home Fall 2013


Alex City Year Alum Chair

Alex City Year Alum

City Year Tweet campaign

City Year volunteer Victoria

Curtis with FIU team

Group photo with Mr. Bruton in blue hat



Bank of America and Miami Dolphins Veteran Project 11/5/2013

Alberto Garofalo taking a break

Bank of America volunteers

Janet Behm, Sam Patterson and Jimmy Behm

Jed Weaver Former Dolphin Tight End

Katie Cornellio and Julie Rocawick

Laura Becerra Bank of America volunteer

Lousaka Polite former Dolphin fullback

Twan Russell former Dolphin linebacker

University of Miami Ghandi Day of Service 10/12/2013

Home Depot Veteran Initiative - Jean-Francois Home 10/11/2013

Wells Fargo Jackson House Project 9/28/2013

Wells Fargo group with Ms. Jackson

Wells Fargo volunteer Cynthia Martin

Wells Fargo volunteer Jennifer Perez

Wells Fargo volunteers painting

Peter Myrtetus

Sarah Suarez painting

University of Miami Orientation Outreach 8/31/2013

Group photo with homeowner Mrs. Diaz

Lise Djemmo

Nick Kaleel

Ryan Champing

Eden Woubshet

The Home Depot Foundation Veteran Project 8/1/2013

Before and after photos

Carol Tome and William Flynt

Carol Tome painting

Channel 7 interviewing Mr. Stubbs

Commissioner Sarnoff with Mr. Stubbs

COWS container

Daria Perez, Marisela Vega and William Flynt

Daria Perez, Carol Tome, Marisela Vega, Tonia Morgan

Daria Perez painting

Final touch on the house numbers

Mr. CharlieStubbs

William Flynt, Hector Padilla, Ron Nelson, Marc Sarnoff, Daria Perez

Group Photo

Casa de Alabanza Service Project 7/20/2013

Craftsman's Make A Difference Truck Tour 6/28/2013

Sponsor Signage

Coast Guard members helping to landscape the Johnson's home

David O'Brien, US Coast Guard

Marc Fagenbaum from the US Coast Guard

Michael Lewis, US Coast Guard

NCCC team members painting the Johnson's home

AmeriCorps NCCC members with our own AmeriCorps Member Stephanie and Hillary Bundy, an AmeriCorps Alumni

Volunteers with homeowner and US military veteran Mr Johnson

Federal Executive Board Service Project 6/15/2013

AmeriCorps NCCC Team 6/11/2013 - 6/28/2013

AmeriCorps NCCC Team with Anthony Jackson

Caleb and Harry installing handicap bars and shower doors in the Johnson home.JPG

Erik Jensen helping to repair the ceiling of a home

Erik Jensen installing new flooring in the Johnson home

Group painting the Brooks home

Group painting

Harry Sanders

Jonny Stricker

Lauren Schmidt

Mary Moll and Miles Smith

Miles Smith

NCCC team members working on a home veteran home

Erik Jensen installing new flooring in the Johnson home

Jonny Stricker helping to repair the ceiling at the Johnson home

Special Project with the Miami Dolphins Foundation and the 758th Engineer Company of the US Army 6/7/2013

Rev Grant leading the group in a morning prayer

Army members with signage in front of Grant home

Army vehicles

Group photo

Grant Home Before

Brandon Fields, Nate Garner, James McCants and Leo landscaping the home of Ms. Grant

Brandon Fields, Nate Garner, Nolan Carroll and Mrs. Ruby Grant

Dennis Lopez and Adam Bell

Nate Garner and Brandon Fields

Nate Garner, Katie Fields and Brandon Fields

New Appliances being delivered

Nolan Carroll painting

National Rebuilding Day 2013 4/27/2013

Group photo

Ms. Scott with Rebuilding Together volunteers

Group photo: Betty Williams with Booz Allen and Raymond James volunteers

Congressman Joe Garcia and Commissioner Moss with Rebuilding Together team

Coast Guard with Elzie children

Aldridge House

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

West Perrine

National Honor Society of Greater Miami Adventist Academy 4/16/2013

University of Scranton Women's Crew Team 3/25/2013

University of Scranton Womens Crew Team with Homeowner

University of Scranton Womens Crew Team with Homeowner

Team painting second home

Rebuilding Together's 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Fundraising Event 02/23/2013

Alicia, Mike Murphy and Ron Teasdale

Board Members: Carlos Casal, Alex Galvez, Jackie Contney, Mike Murphy, Bob Miller, Linda Marraccini, Peter Myrtetus and Carlos Luis

Bob Miller, Donna fales, Margaret Nee and Jack Holly

Donna Fales

Elvin Thompson, Brittney Peterson and Deval Peterson

Frank Amigo, Robert, Gladys Miller and Dipak Patel

Frank and Lori Amigo, Dipak and Kalpna Patel and Robert and Gladys Miller

Joe Matthews, Gordon Fales, Yolanda Miller, Bob Miller and Bill Hurt

Joe Matthews, Yolanda Miller, James McCants and Bill Hurt

Linda Marraccini, Pat and Bentonne Snay

Omar Barrera, Alex Galvez, Andrew Lane, JD Moises and Ben Lebish

MLK Day of Service 01/26/2013

MLK Group photo

Alejandra Perez UM Senior

Andrea O'Neal and Emily Raitano painting

Andrea O'Neal and Emily Raitano

Aron Wadhia holding the ladder for Siddardth Umapathy

Diego, Daisy Herrell and Sarthi

Diego Maurente and Sarthi Dalal

Finishing touches

Grace, Carlos and Victoria Basnuevo

MLK volunteer day

Neville Patel UM Sophmore Howell, NJ

Nicholas and Diane Alvarez

Sarah Quigley

Seniors Diego Maurente and Sarthi Dalal

Shelley Fussman and Alejandra Perez

Shelley Fussman

UM MLK volunteers with Ms. Harrell


UM students

Vinayak Madhusoodanan and Siddh Pitroda

Heroes at Home Fall 2012 11/29/2012

HAH Group Photo with Homeowners James Smith and Kathy Heisser

Kaleb Perez Lt. USCG painting the bathroom

Damitra Salters Bank of America volunteer painting

UM Business School Service Project 9/8/2012

UM Business School group photo

UM Business School volunteers

The Home Depot Celebration of Service 9/6/2012

Team Depot Group Photo

The Home Depot Foundation's Heather Pritchard

Rebuilding Together Miami Board President, Bob Miller

Veteran Homeowner Elvin Thompson

Elvin Thompson and Team Depot House Captain William Flint

Commissioner Dennis Moss

Elvin Thompson's Home

Jersey Williamson's home Group Photo

John Bethel Home Volunteers

Willie Johnson Home group photo

Wells Fargo Chandler House Project

Alexis Brown and uncle Perley Richardson

Ernie Fernandez and Katherine Polo

Ernie Fernandez helping with the yard cleanup

Family members Ned Roberts, Teresa Brown, Alexis Brown and Perley Richardson

Kelli Schweitzer Wells Fargo

Lazaro and Isabella Sarabia

Lazaro Sarabia and Pedro Zapata Wells Fargo volunteers

Sean Gustafson Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Group Photo

8th Annual Invitational Dolphin Tournament

Group Photo

Jacki and Todd with Check

The winners

Sears Heroes at Home Spring 2012

George LaFrance Pembroke Pines Sears

Kappa Sigma Fraternity from Johnson and Wales

Mr. Knight watching volunteers

Raydel Varona Sears International Mall and Brandon Regalado

Rhina Rubio and Dipti Desai of Sears

Sears volunteers with Mr. Knight

Sharon Regalado Sears Ft. Lauderdales

Volunteers painting the house

National Rebuild Day 2012

Abraham Smith and Donna Fales

Arellano and Rodriguezes

Barber Lynd

Carlos Luis

Chrysalis Landmark Collier

Coastal group with Shirley Harris

Commissioner Moss Group


First Florida Raymond James Clark

Group Photo

Hollub Group

House Doctors

Humphreys Cogent


KVC Group

MCM Group

Mr. White in his new kitchen

Odebrecht Booz Allen Hamilton

Overholt Group

Rojo and Collier

Sea Pines Crew

Solomon Everglades Steel

Sponsor Banner

Tshirt with sponsors

Weatherization Kits

Weatherization Kits

Bank of America Mrs. Tucker Home Service Project

Valspar Paint

Carlos Montoya and Rosy Bardales

Carmen Marrero volunteer with Mrs. Tucker

Jennifer Iglesias, Ana Teresa Vargas and Ana Gaitan

Kerviens Dostaly, Humberto Ramirez and Maggii Pardo Littler River

Melvin Green Grandson

Volunteers Painting

BOA volunteers with Mrs. Tucker after painting

Moorer Home Service Project

MUA Students priming.

MUA Students priming Ms. Moore's house.

MUA Students

Group photo

Ms. Moore's house at the end of the day.

UM Alternative Break Workday

Getting started!

Group photo

Painting the house.

Brittany, Claudia and Samantha

Peter, Ron and Revi

Henderson house

First Annual RT Miami Wine Tasting

Hollywood and Vine Cellars 2480 Cabernet Sauvignon and Short Ends

Bruce and Kathryn Orosz

James McCants, Linda Marraccini and Mary Hood

Linda Marraccini, Mike Murphy, Donna Fales, Bruce Orosz, Bob Miller, James McCants

Mike Murhpy, Bruce Orosz, Eddy Garcia and Bob Miller

Toshi Dezaki, Emerson Fales and Bruce Orosz

Lowes Carter's Kids

Carter Oosterhouse dedicating the new playground in front of the elementary students.

Playground in progress

Completed playground

Elementary students playing on their new playground.

Group Photo

Volunteers beginning the day.

Landscaping at the project site.

Group of volunteers painting and landscaping.

Volunteer painting

Lowes volunteers

Volunteers with homeowner.

758th Engineer Corps Gamble House Project

Gamble US Army

Gamble US Army

RT Gamble After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

UPS Workday

Amanda Henize

Carlos Machin

Group photo

Takiyah Hudgens and Amanda Henize

Sears Operation Rebuild

See Release Here

A happy painter

Building the bookcase

Group photo

Helping out

Painting roof

Jaiean great granddaughter

Jordan and Melissa Painting

Jordan family

Painting the brick detail

Painting with a smile


758th Engineer Company help elderly couple during IRT exercise

Story & photos by Staff Sgt. Roger Ashley, 412th TEC PAO
See Release Here

Sgt. Terry Bears checks the fit of a sheetrock patch.

Spc. Christopher Aguirre (on ladder) and Spc. Jose Duprey perform a conductivity test while Spc. Jorge Perez-Perez and another Soldier observes.

Pvt. 1st Class Daniela Agudelo paints the home of Willie and Alvina Jenkins.

Spc. Jose Duprey replaces an electrical outlet at the home of Willie and Alvina Jenkins.

Pvt. 1st Class Stephen Evans removes a wooden brace at the home of Willie and Alvina Jenkins.

Spc. Carlos Campos tears out old carpeting at the home of Willie and Alvina Jenkins.

Group Photo

UM Hurricanes Help Hometown

Danielle Garner, Elizabeth Youman and Leigh Wellington

Darcie Linder holding the ladder for Courtney Hibbs

UM Hurricanes helping the hometown

Kayla Lott

Krystin Vazques

Obianuju Nwamah

Volunteers painting Dotson's house

UM Ghandi Day of Service
at the Lawrence's house

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

UM Business School Work Day

Jordanna Ishmael, Dylan Lawrowsk, Victor Dandanell, Josh Weiner

Alessandro Migliuolo

Robert Chiste from Boynton Beach, FL

Tim Whelen from Alberta, Canada

UM Group

Heroes at Home Fall 2011

Don Baker with Charlie Blair

Group Photo

Rhina Rubio Sears Store Manager

Sears Volunteer Dipti Desai

Sears volunteer George La France

Sears volunteer Marshal Ver Steeg

Sears volunteer Nick Alvarado

Sears Volunteer Rosa Bustos

Sisters Daisy and Allison Cajan

Wells Fargo Coconut Grove Work Day

National Rebuild Day 2011

2011 Fishing Tournament

MLK Day of Service Workday

Valerie Jefferies Cleveland, Ohio and Sean Wilkinson Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Danny Accilien Tampa, FL and Kiera Wallace Tampa, FL

MLK University of Miami volunteers

Miarah Forde, Lagary Simpson and Brandon Williams

Kevin Cummings New York City and Mikayla Vielot Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sears Heroes At Home Workday

Mr. McCants with AF ROTC volunteers.

Maria and Jorge Garcia watch UM volunteers work on their house.

Peter Myrtetus, Maria Garcia, Lucious McGriff, Jorge Garcia

UM Kennan Williams

UM volunteers with Maria and Jorge Garcia

Mr. McCants and volunteers working.

Sears group with Mr. McCants.

Sears group photo.

Lilian Posey Painting.

Mr. Henry Tarver.

Tarver house group photo.

Rhina Rubio Sears Holding Corp.

Odebrecht OHL Workday


Lowe's Workday

Homeowner Mary Adside with Lowe's Volunteers

Erik Shreiber Lowe's Employee

Sandra D'Amore Lowe's Store Manager

Rosanna Diaz Lowe's Employee


Wells Fargo Castello Workday

Commissioner Francis Suarez comforts homeowner Maria Castello during the rebuilding of her home..
(Photo credit: Jorge Perez, City of Miami)

Commissioner Francis Suarez and volunteers adding finishing touches to hurricane damaged home.
(Photo credit: Jorge Perez, City of Miami)

Commissioner Francis Suarez presents Rebuilding Together Miami and Wells Fargo with a City of Miami Proclamation.

Maria Castello

UM Volunteers Emily Lau and Shannon Smith

Commissioner Suarez admiring the new bathroom

UM volunteers Shannon Smith and Alexa Castrillon

UM volunteer Sara Hewitt

Lasalle volunteers with Commissioner Suarez

National Rebuild Day 2010

Moss Construction and
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Building & Development
Solutions, Inc.

Coastal Construction
and UPS Volunteers

Everglades Steel



First Florida

NRD House Captains

House Doctors and
Suntrust Investment Services

TGSV and
Belen Volunteers

GSD Contracting

The Chrysalis Center &
Association of General Contractors

Volunteers kick off
NRD in Naranja

Rebuilding Together
Board Members

2010 Sponsors Banner

Raymond James
and Associates

A volunteer installs
a new water heater

Belen volunteers

KVC volunteers
repair a roof

Skill saw

A skilled volunteer

The finished product


Volunteers painting