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Balfour Beatty House Sponsorship

First Florida General Contractors, Miami, Florida

3617 William Ave
Coconut Grove 33133

The homeowner was born in Valdosta, Georgia in 1945, but moved to Coconut Grove as a child in 1951. She attended Caver High School and worked at the Marriot Hotel Corporation for 28 years. She then started working for Miami Dade County as a bus attendant where she is still employed today. The homeowner has a daughter who visits and checks on her daily, but she lives alone. Due to a medical condition, she cannot stand for extended periods of time, but manages well if she can be seated at work or home.

BJK Builders House Sponsorship

BJK Builders

3482 Hibiscus St.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

The homeowner, 75, was born in Miami and attended Carver High School in Coconut Grove. After graduating from Carver, he worked at the Veterans Hospital in Coral Gables until his retirement in 1971. The man and his sister lived in this house in Coconut Grove until she passed away in 2007. He then became the sole owner of this home. The homeowner has several chronic medical conditions and suffered a stroke more than two years ago. He now walks with the assistance of a cane.

The homeowner has a niece who is a practical nurse and takes care of him. She was born and raised in the Grove and attended Coral Gables High School. She married and had two children, one is deceased.


First Florida General Contractors, Miami, Florida House Sponsorship

First Florida General Contractors, Miami, Florida

3564 William Avenue
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

The homeowner, 92-years old, is a disabled Army veteran of WWII having served in the military from 1941 - 1945. The veteran was in combat in the Battle of Los Negros in the South Pacific military theatre. He has lived in Miami since 1920 and he purchased the house in Coconut Grove 46 years ago in 1963.

Upon returning from the war, the homeowner worked at James Drugstore. Later he joined the South Miami Pool Company and retired from there in 1976. He was married for 50 years before his wife passed away in 1996. He had 13 children. Currently, one of his daughters and her four children live with and take care of him.

The homeowner is a Rebuilding Together project recipient because a predatory contractor recently convinced him to take a reverse mortgage on his home to pay for some necessary home improvements. He made payments totaling $92,000 to the contractor for work that he soon found out was not in compliance with City of Miami code. The contractor left the home unfinished and with several city violations. As a result, no work has been done to the home for more than 2 years. Rebuilding Together Miami plans to demolish the existing unfinished structure and make his dream home come true.


MCM Construction House Sponsorship

MCM Construction

3267 William Ave
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

The homeowner, age 76, and his wife, age 74, were married in Miami in 1962. They moved into this home in Coconut Grove 31 years ago. Prior to retiring, he worked at the University of Miami for 30 years. In 2002, the homeowner suffered a stroke which has left him speech impaired and partially paralyzed. His wife, the mother of seven children, one deceased, was a domestic worker until a stroke in 1969 forced her to retire. At this time, the man must use a walker and wheelchair. One daughter and three granddaughters currently live with and care for them.


Turner Construction House Sponsorship

Turner Construction

3671 William Ave
Coconut Grove, Fl 33133

The homeowner, a 78-year old widow, has lived in her William Ave. house for 59 years. Although she was born in Alabama, she calls Coconut Grove home. The elderly women and her late husband raised four children, three daughters and a son, in this house. Since the late 1940’s, she and her husband had been renting this home until they had the opportunity to purchase it in 2002. Currently, she and her daughter reside in the home.