How are homeowners selected?
We serve veterans, senior citizens, and the disabled with a household income of less than 80% of the median area average income. Typically clients are no longer able to work due to their age or disabilities and live on a small fixed-income. Referrals are made through community organizations, religious organizations, service groups, city officials, or by self-submission. Candidates complete an application, houses are assessed, and work scope determined. Qualified applicants are put on a waiting list for scheduling.

Homeowners Apply Here

How do homeowners pay?
All repairs are free to qualifying homeowners. Homeowners and family members are asked to work alongside volunteers. Labor and many supplies are typically donated.

Alex and Rachel
John Lumpkin
Marsha Williams
Mildred Johnson
Ms. Murray
Sandra Rutledge
Shamele Jenkins
Yvonne Farquharson
Vergaree Brown
Elisabeth Level
Ms. Level with great grandson Jacara and nephew
Matthew James
Matthew James and Alonso Mourning
Willie Franklin
Roy Finch and his wife
Morgan Roseborough
Verna Powell
Gary Brown US Navy Veteran
Charles Smith
Alice Screen
The Dempsey Family
Lakesha Cox
Betty Williams and Travis
Brandon Fields, Nate Garner, Nolan Carroll and Mrs. Ruby Grant
The Sumpter Family
John White Kitchen before 1
John White Kitchen before 2
John White Kitchen before 3
John White Kitchen before 4
John White Kitchen before 5
John White Kitchen after 1
John White Kitchen after 2
John White in Completed Kitchen
Mrs. Tucker in front of her newly painted home
Mrs. Tucker in front
of her newly painted home
Proud Homeowner
Proud homeowner
Joyera Brown Proud Homeowner
Joyeria Willis proud homeowner
and her three grandchildren.
Ollie Kitchen
Ollie in her new kitchen.
The Gonzales family
The Gonzales family
Mattie Brinson.
Mattie Brinson.
Lillie Johnson
Willie Franklin and Family
John Lumpkin
Carol Smith
Jeanette Kendall